Silk Care


1. Fill a basin with lukewarm water 30℃.
Fill a basin with lukewarm water 30°C/86°F is the ideal temperature for silk to be hand-washed.

2. Add a few drops of mild detergent for the silk delicates.
We recommend mild detergents preferably made for delicates and silk when washing silk.
3. Let the garment soak for three minutes.
Soak the silk item and leave it to soak for three minutes.
4. Agitate the delicates around in the water.
Take the silk item and gently plunge it up and down in the water to move the water through the fabric and wash out any dirt or residue. This motion simulates the motion of a washing machine but is much more gentle.
5. Rinse the silk item ukewarm water (30℃).
Take the silk item out of the water and rinse the silk item under the clean water till it runs clear, and all the detergent soap suds have been washed out.
6. Use a towel to soak up water after the wash.
Use a clean white towel to soak up the moisture from your silk item, but don’t rub or wring the thing.
7. Hang dry if possible; however, avoid direct sunlight exposure.
It should be laid flat to dry. 
All My Lily Silk Pillowcases & Bonnet can be washed in the washing machine. 
1. Use a protective mesh bag.
Turn your silk item inside out and place it in a delicates mesh bag to avoid the shearing and tearing of silk fibers.
4. Add the proper amount of neutral or special detergent for silk to the machine.
You can choose to use detergent specifically designed to care for silk items or baby laundry or other mild detergent. Please follow the instruction on the bottle.
5. Start a delicate cycle or Silk Cycle if your machine has it.
Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Most washing tools should have a “delicate” setting. Some machines even have a silk setting specifically for cleaning silk.
6. Minimize spin time.
Spinning can be very dangerous for silk fabric as the forces involved can shear weaker silk fibers.
7. Use a towel to soak up water after the wash.
Take the item out of the machine and use a clean white cloth to soak up excess moisture. Do Not Tumble Dry.
8. Hang item or lay flat to dry.
Hang dry if possible; however, avoid direct sunlight exposure. Note: For a knitted item or cashmere item, it should be laid flat to dry.