Hello and welcome to my website.

I am Geany Locatelli. I was born in Santa Catherina, South Brazil. I have graduated with degrees in Psychology and Business and have been living in Ireland for almost 10 years.

I absolutely love plants, comfort and taking care of myself.

My Lily is based in The Tenters, Dublin 8. It was born in 2021 from my desire to bring my favourite brand oBoticário to Ireland.

I created the first Irish online store dedicated to offering oBoticário products and have won awards for Best oBoticário Consultant in Skin Care, Hair Care and Makeup.

My Lily became more than just a shop - I have been creating connections and helping so many women have their "me time".

I am so excited to have recently launched a Premium Silk Collection range which the best quality silk in the market, I hope My Lily Silk will be present in many women's lives.