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Mulberry Silk Scarf

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Introducing the new My Lily Silk scarf, a luxurious accessory featuring our very own flower design.

This exquisite scarf is a blend of elegance and nature, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The My Lily silk scarf is 100% Mulberry Silk, 90 x 90cm showcasing the beauty of the flow lily in a unique and stylish way.

Made with high-quality silk, it offers a soft and delicate feel against the skin, making it a must-have piece for any fashion enthusiast. Elevate your style with the My Lily silk scarf, a timeless accessory that embodies the essence of Irish design and beauty.

About the design: 

The orange Lily flower holds various symbolic meanings depending on cultural interpretations. In general, the flower Lily symbolizes purity, renewal, and passion. The vibrant orange color often represents energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. When incorporated into a silk design, the orange Lily can bring a sense of vitality and creativity. Its presence can evoke feelings of joy, optimism, and excitement. Whether used as a focal point or as part of a larger pattern, the orange Lily flower adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic of the design.