Lumina Chemically Damaged Shampoo 300ml

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Your hair is left stronger and more resistant thanks to Pró-Teia biotechnology and the active ingredient Lipo-Reposition: this Restorative Shampoo, rich in butters and plant based oils, forms a rich lather that cleanses the hair without damaging it. It helps restore damaged hair by replenishing the lipids in the capillary fibre lost during chemical processes. Hair is repaired, soft to the touch and scented with botanical notes enhanced with vanilla and patchouli.

  • Deeply nourished and restored hair
  • Regenerates hair by treating capillary erosion
  • Penetrates inside the hair fibre and rebalances it
  • Thickens hair and increases capillary mass
  • Recharges hair with nutrients
  • Treats the porosity of the hair fibre
  • Stronger and more resistant hair
  • Vegan formula

How to use: Apply the shampoo to damp hair and massage evenly with the tips of your fingers, paying particular attention to the scalp. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, follow with Pro-vitality Conditioner and other Natura Lumina products for very fragile hair.


Hair damaged by chemical processes (colouring, bleaching, straightening etc.) tends to become finer and more brittle. The damage caused by the loss of capillary mass can be profound, with a direct impact on the shine and suppleness of the hair.

The Natura Lumina line for very fragile hair has been designed to repair this extreme damage. It restores substance to the hair fibre, regenerating the hair and giving it a more uniform texture. A complete line to give hair vitality, resistance, shine and suppleness from the very first use.