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Gift Set Natura Hand Cream Trio - Tropical set

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Take deep care of your hands with this trio of 24-hour hydration hand creams, deliciously scented and with ingredients from Amazonian biodiversity.

This set, presented in an original gift box, contains 3 hand creams in practical travel size:
- a Castanha hand cream 40gr
- a Maracujá hand cream 40gr
- an Açaí hand cream 40gr


The benefits:
- perfectly moisturized hands
- travel size, easy to take anywhere

- a discovery of our 3 key ingredients and their comforting scents


The Ingredients:

Extracted from the Castanha, the Brazil nut, an exclusive ingredient from Amazonian biodiversity.Rich in plant based proteins, Omega 6, Omega 9 and selenium.
Deeply nourishing and antioxidant - helps prevent premature skin ageing
Stimulates the production of skin-structuring proteins.

- The crude Maracujá oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Omega 6
- Powerful ingredient that helps to rebalance and soothe the skin, with anti-stress effect
- Leaves the skin with a soothing and fruity scent
- The Maracujá seeds are sustainably sourced by more than 800 families from local communities in Amazon

Extracted from the seeds of the Açaí, the fruit of an Amazonian palm tree.
Rich in essential fatty acids
Energizing and revitalizing
Antioxidant - helps prevent premature skin ageing
The Açaí harvest is celebrated every year by the local population: this fruit is the basis of the Amazon diet.
Fair Trade