Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Moisturizing Body Lotion 400ml

Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Moisturizing Body Lotion 400ml

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Detox treatment is a global trend that has been gaining more and more strength. Now how about having a line that will hydrate and take care of your skin's health? Discover the Nativa SPA Matcha line.

Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Body Lotion protects the skin from free radicals , which, in excess, can harm the body. Also, the moisturizing cream eliminates impurities accumulated in daily life and pollution.

With a fresh fragrance, Detox Lotion also hydrates the skin and deodorizes, leaving that feeling of softness and renewal.

Matcha is a detox effect ingredient with antioxidant, purifying and revitalizing properties for skin and hair. Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Body Lotion has arrived to complete your body care.

In a 400 ml package, Nativa SPA Matcha Detox Body Lotion is ideal as a gift or to leave at home and always keep your skin healthy.

Vegan formulas with 95.5% natural ingredients

How to use:
Open the bottle and feel the fragrance. Now apply a little lotion on your hands and spread it all over your body, in a circular motion, making a light massage. Take care of the driest parts like elbows and knees. Do this every day or whenever you want your skin to feel hydrated and deodorized.

Result: They protect the skin from free radicals, everyday impurities and pollution. Moisturizes, deodorizes and nourishes deeply - leaving the skin soft and renewed.