Nativa SPA Açaí Moisturizing Body Oil 200ml

Nativa SPA Açaí Moisturizing Body Oil 200ml

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Perfect for those who love to dedicate time to personal care, Nativa SPA Açaí Moisturizing Body Oil has nutritious and antioxidant properties from Açaí that leave the skin refreshed and radiant every day.

Its formula is vegan and has 100% vegetable oils such as Sunflower Extract and purified Quinoa drops , which increase collagen production and prevent the loss of skin elasticity.

In addition, it forms a protective film on the skin , maintaining its natural hydration and deodorant action. The product also leaves a velvety touch for healthier looking skin full of life.

The hydrating oil has an intense and vibrant fragrance of Açaí, it also has fresh notes reminiscent of freshly picked fruit. Everything to make the bath even better and skin full of vitality and hydration in the right measure!

How to use: In the shower, after washing the body, with the skin still damp and in the shower, apply the Nativa SPA Açaí Moisturizing Body Deodorant Oil 2ml, making circular movements. Rinse then.

Deodorized skin, with natural hydration, velvety feel and prevents loss of elasticity.

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