MEN 3 in 1 Shower Gel 205g

MEN 3 in 1 Shower Gel 205g

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There's nothing better than starting your personal care routine with a refreshing shower, right? With MEN 3 in 1 Shower Gel  you have the practicality and benefits that help in self-care. Ideal for the modern man who has a busy day to day!

The gel Apothecary shower can be applied either to the skin, the hair and beard. Its formula with Panthenol gently cleanses without drying, maintaining the natural hydration of the skin, hair and beard.

Its creamy foam promotes a refreshing effect, silky, soft and smooth touch. In addition, the men's shower gel does not leave the hair and beard strands oily or heavy.

Perfect to carry in your backpack wherever you go. Whether in the gym, at work or traveling, the Shower Gel 3 in 1 MEN will make your life easier !

Action: Its formula has Panthenol that cleans without drying and promotes smoothness and perfume for the skin, hair and beard. Creamy foam that promotes a refreshing sensation during the shower and maintains the skin's natural hydration. Vegan product.

How to use: During the bath, apply the product on the body, beard and hair and massage until it forms a delicate foam. Rinse then.

Clean, soft and fragrant skin, hair and beard.