Match Youth Boost Anti-Ageing Mask 250ml

Match Youth Boost Anti-Ageing Mask 250ml

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Match Juventude dos Fios 

Over time, the hair begins to show signs of aging and, as a result, the strands become thin, brittle, opaque and with a loss of natural volume. Match Youth Boost Anti-Ageing Shampoo has two powerful ingredients to solve these problems: Bioamino acids and Omega 3.

Bioamino acids neutralize aging while recovering the hair's protein.

Omega 3 is responsible for stimulating the production of natural oils that coat and nourish the hair.


Match Youth Boost Anti-Ageing Shampoo nourishes and increases the thickness of the threads, making them healthier. It produces hair that looks younger, shinier and full of life!

This shampoo is ideal for gray hair that is dyed.

How to use: Apply the mask along the damp strands, let it act for 5 minutes. Indicated for use 2 to 3 times a week. Avoid the roots. For optimal results, use with other products from the Match Youth Boost line.

Result: Smooth, nourished white hair. Shinier and healthier strands.