Match Summer Season Beach Wave Spray 100ml

Match Summer Season Beach Wave Spray 100ml

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Match Operação Verão 

The Match Summer Season Hair Spray Texturizer Beach Effect  is that item that can not be missed in your hair care routine in summer or any other time of the year.

With formula enriched with Antioxidants and the essential for hair protection in summer: UV protection, the vegan texturer spray also has several benefits for your day to day. Look at this:

  • · Natural waves with beach effect;
  • · Light and non-sticky formula;
  • · Forms a film that fixes without leaving frizz.
  • · Perfect for that hair with beach effect that we love!

In addition, the hair products of the Match Summer Season line have fragrance from the olfactory family Floriental Frutal, bringing the perfect balance between freshness and sweet with a creaminess in the background extremely comfortable and indulgent. Ideal for perfume while promoting immediate hair restoration and hair protection every day, especially in those where the sun does not give respite.

How to use: 

1- Apply the spray along the damp or dry hair approximately 20cm away;

2- To conquer hair with natural waves and that beautiful beach effect, love the strands with your hands or as you prefer;

3- Feel your hair full of movement and fragrant with the brand's Fruity Floriental fragrance.

Result: Hair without Frizz and with beach wave effect.

Cruelty Free.