Match Strength Shield Fortifying Mask 250g

Match Strength Shield Fortifying Mask 250g

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Match Escudo de Força

Match Strength Shield Fortifying Mask deeply nourishes and regenerates the strength of hair threads from the first wash.
Its formula contains Vitamin E and Lipids that penetrate deeply into the hair fiber and recover the integrity of the strands, leaving them stronger from root to tip.


Weak hair becomes brittle and lifeless and any aggression, even the smallest of them, can become a real problem for this type of hair, which is naturally more fragile.

With strong hair, it's easier to take risks with hairstyles, in the choice of products and in the use of curlers, hair dryers and flat irons. Strong hair is definitely braver!

Thankfully there are specific products that can regenerate and give strength to your hair.

Action: Its formula With Vitamin E and Lipids, ingredients that provide 6x more strength, 6x less breakage, recovering the integrity of the strands to offer softness and shine while moisturizing and protecting against external aggressions.

How to use: It's time to match: spread a small amount of the product on your hands and then apply the mask to damp hair, kneading the strands from the bottom to the top, from the ends to the length. For a better result, apply the mask strand by strand passing your open fingers between the strands. Leave to act for 5 minutes. Afterwards, just rinse well.

For even stronger hair, use with other products from the Match Strength Shield Fortifying line.

Result: Deeply nourished and regenerated hair with 6x more strength and less breakage from the first wash.

No Boticário products are tested on animals.