Match Shine Squad Conditioner 250ml

Match Shine Squad Conditioner 250ml

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Match Esquadrão do Brilho 

The Match Shine Squad line came to make your locks more radiant!

Present in the hair care routine, the conditioner has a formula with actives that seal the cuticle leaving the strands shiny.

You'll get: 3x smoother, silkier hair and up to 24 hours of intense shine! It's not too much? You and your strands will love the Shine Squad Conditioner.

With rose quartz and avocado oil in the composition, the Shine Squad Conditioner will nourish your hair without weighing it down!

Boost the results by combining the use with other products from the Match Shine Squad Line such as shampoo, hair mask, leave-in and finishing spray.


  • 3x softer and silkier hair.
  • Up to 24 hours of intense brightness.
  • Does not leave the threads greasy.

How to use: After using shampoo and hair mask, remove any excess water from your hair with your hands. Then apply the conditioner to all parts of the damp hair, except the roots. Leave it act for 1 minute and then rinse well. Avoid applying to the roots to avoid oiliness near the scalp.