Match Nutrition Source Leave-In Thick Hair 150ml

Match Nutrition Source Leave-In Thick Hair 150ml

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*Match Fonte de Nutrição Creme Para Pentear com Protetor Térmico Fios Grossos*

With the Match Nutrition Source Leave in Thick hair it is possible to intensify the nutrition of your fine threads ensuring a powerful finish without weighing and easier combing. Its formula contains Hyaluronic Acid and an exclusive Blend of Oils that penetrate the hair fiber, replacing essential lipids for nourished, strong and healthy strands.

It is common in the rush of the day to leave the hair care routine in the background, without applying a treatment specially designed for them. It is at these times that the first signs begin to appear: brittle, dull and unhealthy strands end up appearing right there, just look in the mirror. Healthy hair, with shine and life, is able to help us show our most beautiful and powerful side to the world.

Thankfully there are specific products that nourish, strengthen, protect and everything else you want to make peace with your hair. It's okay with him, you can do whatever you want!

Formula with Hyaluronic Acid and Blend of Oils provides deep and lasting nourishment from the first application, providing strands smoother and 3x easier to comb, controlling unwanted frizz in the strands. With action that protects against heat up to 230§C, the formula is ideal for daily use.

How to use
After your washing and moisturizing routine, remove excess water from your hair with a towel. Apply the Leave-in along the hair that are still damp, avoiding the root.

For an even better result, apply the cream lock by lock passing your fingers between the hairs several times. No rinsing required. Can be used daily.

To guarantee deep and lasting nutrition to the hair, use all the products from the SOURCE OF NUTRITION line.

Softer hair and 3x easier to comb from the first application.