Match Kit Color Protection:  Shampoo  + Conditioner + Hair Mask

Match Kit Color Protection: Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Mask

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Dyed hair deserves special treatment! Thinking about it, the Complete Combo Match. Color Protection* brings 3 items with UV filter and Vitamins that have an anti-fading system that fixes the dye inside the hair fiber** ensuring multi-protection of color while deeply moisturizing the wires. Check out what's to come:



The Match Shampoo. Color Protection is the ideal choice to take care of dyed hair while showering! With it, it is possible to clean the wires without drying and it still has a formula with creamy foam that reduces fading during the bath.



The Match Hair Mask. Color Protection is the ideal treatment to take care of dyed hair and bring a vivid color to the hair. With it, you guarantee intense nutrition to strengthen the wires, recover softness and even prevent the coloring of hair from fading, guaranteeing lively and radiant color in the 1st use.



The Match Conditioner. Color Protection , promotes immediate detangling, facilitates combing and also prevents the coloring of hair from fading. With it, you seal the hair cuticles preventing the loss of coloring pigments, while intensely moisturizing the strands.