Match Kit Blond Care:  Shampoo  + Conditioner + Leave-in

Match Kit Blond Care: Shampoo + Conditioner + Leave-in

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Discolored hair deserves special treatment! With that in mind, the Kit Match Blond care brings 3 items that together, restore the health of hair that went through the bleaching process and reduce the yellowness of the wires leaving them even more beautiful and silky**. Check it out:



The 1st step to take care of blonde hair starts with washing, the Shampoo Match has a formula with violet pigments that tints the blonde fighting yellowness , in addition to cleaning without harming the wires, protecting against breakage!



To enhance the treatment, the Match Conditioneris the ideal product to complete the care of blonde hair during the bath routine! It seals the cuticles and promotes an immediate detangling , leaving the strands instantly softer.



Finally, the Leave-in Blond Care  brings complete care for blonde hair: it protects and recovers the strands while promoting immediate shine and frizz control. The finisher prevents chemical damage caused by bleaching , reinforces the structural bonds of bleached strands and has thermal, UVA and UVB protection.