Match Youth Boost Grey Hair Anti-Ageing Shampoo 250ml

Match Youth Boost Grey Hair Anti-Ageing Shampoo 250ml

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Match Juventude dos Fios 

For natural gray hair or hair in transition, Match Grey Hair Youth Boost Anti-Ageing Shampoo offers the care your hair needs to stay healthy, soft and without unwanted colors.


The Match Grey Hair Youth Boost Anti-Ageing Shampoo is ideal to keep the hair always beautiful and full of life. With the action of time and external factors, it is common for the hair strands to turn yellow, orange and even greenish. That's why you need a de-yellowing conditioner.

It has in its composition a Mattifying Complex that acts directly on the hair cuticle. In addition to removing unwanted tones, the product also nourishes the white threads, leaving them soft and hydrated. Youth Boost Anti-Ageing Conditioner doesn't just shade, it revitalizes the threads, leaving them softer, more hydrated and full of life!

Give your naturally gray hair the care it needs!

Action: The composition's Mattifying Complex acts on the hair cuticle, helping to neutralize unwanted tones. Its formula revitalizes the strands, leaving them soft, hydrated and alive.

How to use: Wet the hair, remove excess water from the strands and apply a little of the product with your hands all over the scalp, length and ends. Massage until lather and rinse. If you feel your hair needs it, repeat the process for one more wash. For optimal results, also use the other products from the line.

Result: Neutralizes yellowish tones and revitalizes white hairs on the first application.

No Boticário products are tested on animals.