Match Ultimate Hydration -  Moisturizing Conditioner 250ml

Match Ultimate Hydration - Moisturizing Conditioner 250ml

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*Match Fonte de Hidratacáo Condicionador*

Match Ultimate Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner helps to de-tangle the strands and moisturize instantly without weighing down the hair. Its formula contains pure Coconut Oil that easily penetrates into the hair fiber, forming a protective film, softening split ends and the harmful effects of dryness.


There has never been so much talk about hydration. Replacing and keeping the water inside the hair is one of the main steps in the hair care routine to make the hair supple and healthy. Hair threads that are full of hydration and life have more shine and balance making it looking healthy and loved.

Thankfully there are specific products that can moisturize, create protective films and to deeply nourish.

Action: Its formula deeply hydrates from the first application, prevents split ends and protects from dryness. With maximum concentration of oils, it offers vitality and shine while conditioning the hair and sealing the cuticles without losing the lightness of the threads.

How to use: After using hair mask and shampoo, remove any excess water from your hair with your hands. Then apply the conditioner to all parts of the damp hair, except the roots. Leave it act for 1 minute and then rinse well. Avoid applying to the roots to avoid oiliness near the scalp. For an even deeper hydration, it is recommended to use all the products in the Match Fountain Of Hydration line.

Result: Conditioned and deeply hydrated hair from the first application.

Vegan product. No Boticário products are tested on animals.