Kit Match SOS Reconstruction

Kit Match SOS Reconstruction

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*Kit Match SOS Reconstrução*

The Match SOS Reconstruction returns mass and density to the threads, making them 3x more resistant to breakage from the first use. Its formula contains 10 amino acids and proteins that meet all the needs of severely damaged hair. 

At some point we've all had severely damaged hair. No shine, no life, no movement... no grace.

But it is with healthy and shiny hair that we can feel and show our best shape: lighter, happier and with more freedom.

Thankfully there are specific products that repair damage, strengthen, protect and everything else you want to make peace with your hair. It's okay with your hair, you can do whatever you want!

Action: Repairs severely damaged strands in 15 days with intelligent technology that provides a treatment tailored to the needs of the wires. Replenishes Proteins and 10 Amino Acids inside the fiber, restoring mass and density for hair that is 3x more resistant to breakage in the 1st use.

How to use: It's time to match!

1. Shampoo: 

Wet the hair, remove excess water from the strands and spread, with your hands, a little of the product all over the scalp, length and ends. Massage until lather and rinse. If you feel you need it, repeat the process for one more wash.

2. Hair Mask:

spread a small amount of the product on your hands and then apply the mask to damp hair, kneading the strands from the bottom to the top, from the ends to the length. For a better result, apply the mask strand by strand passing your open fingers between the strands. Leave to act for 5 minutes. Afterwards, just rinse well.

3. Conditioner

After using shampoo and hair mask, remove any excess water from your hair with your hands. Then apply the conditioner to all parts of the damp hair, except the roots. Leave it act for 1 minute and then rinse well. Avoid applying to the roots to avoid oiliness near the scalp

To deeply repair damage within 15 days, use all products from the SOS RECONSTRUCTION line.

Intensely repaired hair in 15 days for strands that are 3x more resistant to breakage.

Geany's Tip: If your hair isn't severe damaged use SOS Reconstruction line every 3 weeks.