Kit Combo Botik Oily Skin

Kit Combo Botik Oily Skin

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This Kit contains:

  • 1 Botik Glycollic Acid Night Mask, 40g
  • 1 Botik Glycolic Jelly Cleanser, 150g

Keeping a  skin care routine  is important to make your face beautiful the way we like it, and  O Boticário  has the perfect treatment for this moment.  Combo Botik  has 2 products developed with Glycolic Acid that clean the skin and leaves it radiant and refreshed from the first use. 



Botik Glycolic Acid Concentrated Facial Cleansing Jelly   accelerates  cell renewal and removes dead cells from the first layer of the skin, leaving it immediately purified, brighter and invigorated. 


Its formula with 3% Glycolic Acid promotes a deep cleaning that refines the pores and removes everyday impurities, oil and excessive shine, without drying. 

The  cleansing jelly with Glycolic Acid  has an innovative, thick and indulgent texture that, when in contact with water, forms a creamy foam, providing a pleasant facial massage and leaving the skin soft and invigorated.  

Deep cleaning with high renewing power, which:  

-Removes excess oil;  

-Reduces the excessive shine of the skin;  

-Leaves the skin purified, soft and refreshed. 



And to complete this super treatment,  Botik Glycolic Acid Night Reset Facial Mask  works while you sleep, accelerating cell renewal to reduce fine lines, restore luminosity and even out skin texture.


The  night mask with glycolic acid  performs a highly effective chemical exfoliation on the skin that brings visible results from the first application*! With the mask you will notice: 

- Smoother, softer and smoother skin;

- Brighter skin; 

-Invigorated, healthy and radiant skin;  

-Reduction of excessive oiliness. 

The  night face mask  has a gel texture, oil free of rapid absorption and hydrates without leaving the skin sticky. Suitable for all skin types, including oily. 


All products in the Botik line combine Swiss technology with high-performance actives to enhance effective and visible results for your skin.

The little secret lies in the use of technology patented by a Swiss laboratory, which reproduces the alga Coenochloris Signiensis in bioreactors. This algae delivers a powerful effect on the skin, with proven effectiveness to increase skin hydration, decrease the depth of wrinkles and improve the skin barrier.