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* We have limited vacancies for the protocol per month, we will open new vacancies on the 1st of July *


Would you like to improve the health of your hair? Do you want to take better care of it but don't know where to start?

The Capillary Schedule (hair plan) protocol was made for you!

This plan is for anyone who wants to treat damaged hair and maintain healthy hair for the long term. 

We can teach you how to care for your hair daily, and to treat and prevent future damage to your hair.

In 2016, I bleached my hair blond with a professional and my hair had a chemical cut (the bonds in the hair was so badly broken by the hair dye that the hair broke off). My hair was very dry and brittle and as a result I lost a lot of my hair. For a full year my hair wouldn't grow in length because it kept breaking at the ends. After trying many treatments in hairdressers without success, I decided to study about hair, reading many science articles and learning how to use hair products properly. 

I have worked with Cosmetics for a few years and have realised that many women have been through the same as me, and that hair as it was for me it is so important for our self steam that's when I decided to create this protocol to help other women feel confident, and love their hair again. 


Our Protocol has 5 phases:


Phase 1. Questionnaire - You will receive a questionnaire by email for you to complete. This will help me to understand your complaints and doubts and thus prepare an exclusive Hair Schedule for you.


Phase 2. First Consultation - After analysing your questionnaire we will have an online or in-person meeting to clarify all your complaints and teach you how to deal and avoid them. 


Phase 3. Start off the schedule - After a few days of our meeting you'll receive your schedule by email along with a PDF and your products by post. You can start the protocol within a week after the meeting.


Phase. 4 - Capillary Schedule - For 4 weeks you will put into practice everything we talked about in our first meeting and PDF and start doing the capillary scheduleYou will have my full support through WhatsApp along the way if needed.


Phase. 5 - 2nd Meeting and Closing of the protocol - After 4 weeks we have a new online meeting to check the results doubts and if we need to change the capillary schedule. A new capillary schedule is included if that is necessary.

In addition to all support throughout the protocol by WhatsApp, PDF and weekly emails, the protocol also includes the products necessary to start the Hair Schedule. 

We have two options of protocols for who has normal to slightly damaged hair and for those who have really damaged hair and need extra products. 


- Option 1: Normal to slightly Damaged Hair | 8 products (Frizzy, a little dry, or just want to prepare the hair for a highlights or keep it healthy for long term) 

  • 2 Shampoos (For 2 different phases of the schedule)

  • 2 Conditioners (For 2 different phases of the schedule)

  • 3 Hair Masks (One for each phase of the schedule)

  • 1 Extra product (Leave-in or hair oil or hair exfoliator or finisher)

  • Shipping Included

  • Discount to replace the products for up to one year after the completion of the protocol.



- Option 2: Very Damaged Hair | 12 products 

  • 3 Shampoos (One for each phase of the schedule)

  • 3 Hair Conditioners (One for each phase of the schedule)

  • 3 Masks (One for each phase of the schedule)

  • 2 Extra products (Leave-in, hair oil, hair exfoliator or finisher)

  • Shipping Included

  • Discount to replace the products for up to one year after the completion of the protocol.

Option 2 is also recommended for who never did hair plan before and don't have many hair products at home.